• Welcome to the Gong Show

    August 21, 2019 by

    I was aimlessly scrolling Instagram stories the other night and came across the most perfectly executed story highlight of an influencer’s Sunday moment with scripture. There was spiritual music softly playing in the background, strategically highlighted sections of a Bible and a grammatically perfect  “random thought” that really struck her that morning. The story was… Read more

  • Open Drawers

    February 25, 2020 by

    Let me paint a scenario… You’re tired. Like, really tired. You have solo parented for the past two weeks while your husband is working in another state. Your mind is like a chest of drawers and every single drawer is open—did I pay the gas bill, sign homework folders, need to practice math flash cards,… Read more

  • Cracked by The Nutcracker

    February 23, 2020 by

    “One must never be late to the theatre.” I said as we were leaving the house. Let me back up just a bit. My in-laws were making a trip to come visit us. It’s a big deal when they visit, as we don’t get to see them all that often and my daughters are incredibly… Read more

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